Thursday, August 18


NY Times: Bad Iraq War News Has Some in G.O.P. Worried Over '06 Vote

Republicans said they were losing hope that the United States would be effectively out of Iraq - or at least that casualties would stop filling the evening news programs - by the time the Congressional campaigns begin in earnest. Mr. Bush recently declined to set any timetable for withdrawing United States troops.'s a war every one of you except Lincoln Chafee voted for, without having the courage to actually declare it. No one dared suggest raising taxes to pay for it, or conscripting young people to fight it, and you hid half the FY 2004 costs until after the election. You stood by while the Army manpower equation was broken, and you nickel and dimed vets for good measure. As the thing went to hell you were busy debating whether or not Terri Schiavo was really, absolutely in a persistent vegetative state and whether ballplayers might be using steroids. And now that it's such an unholy fucking mess that even you can't pretend there are any more corners we're about to turn, the big concern you might actually have to face voters on the issue. God Bless America.


harry near indy said...

amen, brother doghouse!

Pepper said...

These are the same people who treated George II like the second coming of Christ and followed him with nary a single swerve (Chafee excepted). In some cases, the only way anyone can save their worthless hides is to turn against their messiah.

handdrummer said...

Maybe they'll crucify him. One can only hope.