Tuesday, August 30

Well, That Settles It. It Really Was A Working Vacation

"The President is obviously aware of the scope of the disaster."
--NBC's Bob Kur, from the White House

Look, let's be fair. The President--even the poorly-spoken, ill-informed, unengaged, sorry excuse of a backwater Junior Chamber of Commerce huckster we're saddled with now--has a symbolic, extra-Constitutional role to play in times of national disaster. Does it occur to any of you that that role is in fact undercut by the perpetual nose-wiping and meat-cutting you feel you have to do for the man? You're talking about the actual Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, who's managed to conduct The Global War on Terror in between bike rides and ten-hour naps for the past month, and now he's springing into action as the titular head of FEMA? And it's not like I took that sentence out of context--that pretty much was the report. And Bill didn't even get invited to the barbecue.


Texas Jaye said...

First time I read the Kur statement, I thought it said "unaware." Talk about your wishful thinking.

"junior chamber of commerce" hahahha

handdrummer said...

Do you maybe think that all these statements about The Dear Leader being 'aware' of things might be to counter the constant rumors that he is in an ambulatory persistent vegetative state? Did Dr, Frist view a video of the effort to inform him about New Orleans and make the diagnosis? If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

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Scott C. said...

"The President is obviously aware of the scope of the Mongolian Cow Sour Yogurt Super Girl Contest."
--Bob Cur (taking a pause from tongue-bathing his testes)

D. Sidhe said...

I have a feeling the president is *real* aware of that one. At least when Laura's in the other room.

Excellent points, Doghouse, though I had to read it twice to get it. (I blame the migraine. Seriously.)
I'm pretty keen on the announcements of what the president is "aware of". I mean, at least they're not trying to convince us he "understands" Issue X.
Plus it's got that nice, retro-helpful feel to it, like when the government used to put out "Duck & Cover" films and posters about looking-both-ways.
Normally, I have to wait until Thanksgiving to get my annual dose of well-meaning advice aimed at twelve year olds. ("Don't drink and drive", "cook your food thoroughly", "don't BBQ a turkey indoors"...)
So this is nice. Very soothing.