Sunday, April 14

Come Morning, Either The World Or Your Job Should Be Gone

I STARTED to say "Or your reputation should be gone" but I caught myself. 

And you've got the other problem that April 15th is Kim il-Sung's birthday. And they're going to want to do something spectacular for the birthday. 
Greta Van Susteren  

What is it with these fucks and anniversaries, anyway? 


Emma said...

I honestly think that they only manufacture these crises (or attempt to manufacture them) to justify their own existences; for what would we need an otheriwse-useless contingent of foreign affairs "reporters" and pundits, if there were no credible threat to American security? Why, they might actually have to work for a living! So we're always waiting on the next big bomb, like a commercial break that offers you an opportunity to refill your glass of Coke.

I do worry a little about these big-headed dictators, though. Saddam was enough of a rube to play into the hands of the American war machine in a particularly embarrassing way. I don't think il-Sung is a whole lot smarter. We'll just have to hope nobody strikes oil off the Korean coast.

R. Porrofatto said...

If the North Koreans launch their missile like a big firework to celebrate Kim-il-Sung's April 15th birthday, Greta and Fox News will call for the bombing of the IRS.

BTW, not surprised to see that a species of bat is more pleasant than the Rhee-creature.

Emma said...

Whoops, I guess it's "Jong-un." #palinmoment

Calming Influence said...

I pity the just-out-of-his-teens Fox intern so proud of himself, phoning home to mom and dad because it was his research on N.Korean birthdays that Greta used, not realizing that his soul is slowly draining away.

Bats Left/Bats Right, with schnozzes only their mothers could love.