Tuesday, April 2

Your Vote Counts

THE proper response to this


A) Is it elitist to create a Slate for sane people?

B) They already have that. It's called "porn". 

C) Don't you mean "Is it reverse sexism to ask if it's sexist to..."?

D) Other


Anonymous said...

"A visual sharing site for men?" I give it about 20 minutes before it turns into a pr0n site. Or a site splashed with a grotesque mixture of pr0n and graphic violence.

Yeah--the world needs more of both of those.

bob_is_boring said...

'Slate for sane people?'

I'm not sure what that would look like. I was thinking "test pattern" but, if you think about it, a test pattern has content.

Calming Influence said...

I'm going to flood the site with pictures of kittens.

And as an aside, your fancy new "color scheme" is giving me a fucking headache.

map106 said...

Well, I'm a take what I can get kinda guy, so I'm not going to lambaste your new site design.

Howsomeever...being just one year younger than you, I am quite confused by this moderne penchant for barely discernible font size? I'm at the point where I need size 8 Crayola writing.

Different strokes, I guess. Or your ophthalmologist is better than mine.

Joseph said...

1. Yes

2. Doesn't he mean, "Is it sexist to assume Pinterest is only for women"?

3. Yes

Kordo said...

I'm gonna go with D) think to yourself "wow, those Slate folks would blow a hobo for 20k page views".

Can you argue about an invented controversy? Is it technically a "controversy" if Seth Stevenson is the first person who's ever mentioned it on Earth? And, lastly but most importantly, who shot the fuckin' Deputy?

Ima go get in the bath and drink...