Thursday, April 25

Thursday Olio: Must Be The Contrails Edition

•Krishna H. Vishnu, Ed Rogers, "The Insider: Why do they hate Bush?"
All the vitriol directed at him bewilders me. Why all the personal animus? It wasn’t because of what he said. Bush never called anyone a name.

Not anyone who wasn't a major league asshole.
His most controversial decisions surrounding the invasion of Iraq were almost universally supported by Democrats at the time.

The majority who didn't believe a President would lie the country into a war, maybe.
Bush brought character to his decision-making. He must have believed what he was doing was right because so many of the decisions he made avoided taking the easy way out and were, at best, politically risky.

Class?  Anyone?
I don’t understand the level of contempt his critics have for him. The only thing I can see is that the left hates much of what he still stands for and how he has lived his life.

You hit the nail of the head there, Ed. Just not the one you were aiming for.
Bush went to church and he was not shy about his Christian faith.  He is a southerner, a Christian, a family man, a conservative and a white Texan, and he beat the Democrats at the ballot box — twice.

Oh, you mean in Texas. Had me goin' there for a minute.

No finer family than the Lawrence Coonrods.
Lawrence police were called to an apartment at 5766 Devers Drive on Saturday, where they were flagged down by Curtis Coonrod, 58. 
He told police he had been robbed at gunpoint by a man who kidnapped his girlfriend, Cheyenne Poole, 21, and stole his car. 
Coonrod said he and Poole were in the apartment, which he leases for her, when a man burst through the door with a gun, demanding money and saying, "I don't know you. I don't care about you. I will kill you," according to the police report. 
Coonrod told police the man taped him to a chair while forcing Poole to go to an ATM and withdraw $500 using his bank card. 
The man then left with the alarm code to Coonrod's house, taking Poole with him, Coonrod told police. 
Investigators traced Poole's cellphone to Indianapolis' south side, where they spotted her driving Coonrod's stolen car, according to the police report. Poole then led police on a high-speed chase, running stop lights before blowing a tire on stop sticks and eventually stopping, police said. 
Poole and her passenger, Ralph Lopez, 24, were taken into custody. 
Police said Poole then admitted to orchestrating the robbery and kidnapping plot with Lopez, her new boyfriend. 
Poole told police she had met Coonrod on a dating website, "something like," police said, and that he had been supporting her financially for about five months.
Time passes. Two days, anyway.
The woman accused of robbing former Marion County politician Curtis Coonrod plotted against him after feeling overwhelmed by his repeated sexual advances, she told The Indianapolis Star on Wednesday. 
“He wanted kissing and feeling, and that was something that did not interest me at all,” Cheyenne Poole, 21, said in an exclusive interview from the Marion County Jail. “But I never wanted to tell him that, just because I didn’t want him to be angry.” 
Poole confessed to organizing an armed robbery Friday against Coonrod, a former Marion County auditor and City-County Council member. Coonrod has insisted the two were just friends, but Poole said Coonrod wanted something more not long after meeting her on the “” dating website. Its motto is the “Elite Sugar Daddy Dating Site for those Seeking".
A gentleman never tells:
Coonrod, who is single, told The Star he could not recall having a profile on the dating site but did not deny meeting Poole there. 
“I’ve heard of that site, and I’ve seen it,” said Coonrod, 58, Lawrence. “So I just don’t remember if that’s where I met her. But she says it was, so I’m not disputing that.”… 
“I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about what we may or may not have done,” Coonrod said. “But I certainly never got the impression that we did anything that made her feel uncomfortable.”
True love waits:
But Coonrod remains convinced Poole is innocent, even saying he feels confident the charges will be dropped. He is furious, he said, that he hasn’t been able to speak to Poole since the robbery. That is because of an order of protection the court placed on Poole, which bans suspects from talking to victims. 
“They are bullies, the Lawrence police detectives,” Coonrod said. “I don’t detect that they are interested in justice. They are interested in proving themselves right, and they decided before there was any evidence that she was guilty.”
Curtis Coonrod is the former Marion country Auditor and two-term City/County councilman. I'll check on his party affiliation and get back to you.

•Damn. I've got me one a' them HD washing machines rotates like a turbojet, and it don't spin like that. Your Weekly Standard:
After being read Miranda rights, the Boston bombing suspect in custody, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has stopped talking to authorities, officials tell the Associated Press. 
"The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings acknowledged to the FBI his role in the attacks but did so before he was advised of his constitutional right to keep quiet and seek a lawyer, U.S. officials said Wednesday," reports the Associated Press.
Good thing he was goin' down anyway, huh? Though in fairness I think we have to admit that the Times We Live In do call for waving your balls around in public, rather than being 10% smarter than your average perp.

But, then, you didn't think I chose Bill Kristol's Monthly Hot Flash as a news source for nothin', did you?
But while it might not "matter in court," it will likely matter in the intelligence gathering process, which will likely be hampered.

And, somewhere, al-Qaeda's Latest #2 Man breathes a little easier.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Class? Anyone?

"What Class."

Anonymous said...

I can remember when Bush let FERC stand idly by as Enron gigged the energy grid and saddled California ratepayers with exorbitant costs. Not only that, they were then able to dump Gray Davis for Arnold. And Tom DeLay gigged redistricting by redrawing already drawn house districts. And what about the federal district attorneys? And it goes on and on and on....And by the way, yes, whoever you quoted was right that I am indeed contemptuous of Bush the Dimmer.

Emma said...

Haha, yeah, my vagina and excess melanin cause me to hate white Christians from Texas for no reason whatsoever. It's an embarrassing condition, but the slut pills help.

I imagine all Republicans worship the ground the Clintons walk on, because Bill was such a great negotiator and Hillary was a fantastic diplomat. I wish conservative arguments didn't degenerate into identity politics with such depressing regularity.

Why are so many politicians sexually dysfunctional? It doesn't really make a lot of sense to me.

Anonymous said...

He must have believed what he was doing was right

The same could be said for Jim Jones.
The stupid are frequently filled with certainty and self-righteousness as they stride resolutely into disaster.

Les Livres De Sylvie Barbaroux said...

Hi thanks for posting tthis