Monday, February 13

Happy Birthday

Diadorius Boudleaux Bryant
February 13, 1920--June 25, 1987


Anonymous said...

Well, I still had to Google him, and what a career! I'm looking forward to the biopic starring Jon Loitz in a bad rug, though.

P.S. to any expecting couples... Jordan and Taylor are so passe! Go with Diadorius!

Stephen Green said...

I always thought that was a cool name before, and that was without knowing about the Diadorius part.

T.H. said...

when i saw the name, i thought it was very familiar, because, iirc, pbs' documentary series on rock and roll figured him and his wife prominently.

and i thought he had written a lot of hit songs.

so i googled his name and -- bingo! i was right in general. google filled me in on the specifics.

thanks for the post, doghouse.