Tuesday, February 7

Point of Order

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but aren't the people in this country most incensed about Muslims rioting over media portrayals the same ones who were incensed last year that Newsweek published something that incited Muslims to riot?


Anonymous said...

This apparent hypocrisy can be explained away by the superior understanding of Danish politics and ethnography held by some 19-year-old Collge Republican jackass that reprints Michelle Malkin's rants on his blog (but with more words in ALL CAPS).

Anonymous said...

I believe they also have a few grudges against Ted Rall and Tom Toles among others, but I suppose it's a good thing they limit themselves to taunting cartoonists from the front line of Mom's Basement with the idea that no mere pen can stand a chance against their large caliber weaponry.

Anonymous said...

You're not mistaken:

Michelle Malkin: "Newsweek has blood on its hands. Blood on its desks."

LGF: "The Jihad Newsweek Inspired"

So when an American magazine incites Muslims to riot, they are condemned. But when the European print media does the same thing, it's okay.

Why does Malkin et al hate America?

Anonymous said...

If it serves Malkin & Co's purpose, it's free speech, of course. They're fanning the flames. I think they are glad this happens because they can sit back smugly and say "we were right - all Muslims are crazy nutjobs, and we should wipe 'em out." To them, the madder it makes the Muslims, the happier they are.

But I think anyone who would torch an embassy in response to a cartoon is an ass. Apparently they didn't get the "an eye for an eye" memo. (Hold up. That is so the title for my next post!)

Shakespeare's Sister has a great discussion on this.

Anonymous said...

I think the logic is if it's a fantasy (like cartoons) then it's free speech. If it's journalism regarding our treatment of the Koran during torture - I mean - interrogations, then it's none of our business.

julia said...

They were also, many of them, deeply appalled about Cindy Sheehan's tshirt.

But oddly no so much about that worn by the Congressman's wife.

How cynical would you have to be to read something into that?

Anonymous said...

No, but they sure waved around the fact that the congressman's wife was escorted from the building, apparently resisting said escort, ignoring the fact that Mrs Sheehan was arrested while not, in fact, resisting being escorted from the building.

Because, hey, see, that's fair treatment, and those moonbats are just whining even when they get treated the same as, you know, real people.

Ever since I got my gall bladder out, I've had to stop reading Malkin. I just don't seem to be able to regulate my flow of bile so that I can have enough ready to deal with the flood of bullshit Malkin doles out on a regular basis.