Thursday, March 2

I Come Not To Bring Peace, but a Sword. Even So, Some of You Should Stay Away from Sharp Objects.

You fucking dirtbags. I stopped reading your tripe in the Seventies, but I will find out who your advertisers are, and if I can't live without their products, I'll fucking steal them. Go to hell, motherfuckers!

Christopher Johnson, Reno NV

Letter to Rolling Stone regarding the Kanye West "Jesus" cover


Anonymous said...

How very Christian of Mr Johnson.
And mighty white of him, too, I suspect.

Nice hed, btw. I'm still snickering.

isabelita said...

Yes, Johnson sounds as if he's ready to go live in an Aryan homeland. I would suggest the White "supremecists" go to Texas. I've been reading that many of them envision a homeland up here in the Pacific Northwest, and I sure as heck don't want that to happen!

Anonymous said...

South Dakota is looking good...

Anonymous said...

No! Not Texas!

Seriously, I think our large Hispanic population would put the aryans off. Most Texans regard San Antonio as our most beautiful city, home of the Alamo and all that, but I met a guy from S. Carolina on a plane once and he thought SA was too "...foreign".

Anonymous said...

Being a San Antonio girl myself, I second Cynthia's comment. We Texans are fine with most people believing that any state that would produce the likes of GWB is one they should stay out of.

Anonymous said...

I like Kanye. (said in tiny voice) I like that he made out with Pamela Anderson in his latest video, and he wears the Jesus crown, and he says Bush sucks. Sure, he's a raging ego, but I like a guy who gives the finger to everyone and anyone.

And "Gold-digger" kicks my butt.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be amusing if Mr. Johnson just hates Jesus?

Anonymous said...

It would, yes, jackd. But he probably wouldn't have said "Go to hell" in that case.
Well, maybe he would have. He doesn't seem especially smart.

Remember, kids, this is why your letters to the editor need to be, well, coherent would be a good start.

T.H. said...

"i come not to bring peace but a sword."

ah yes. gospel from josh carpenter, from nazareth. you know -- joe and mary's kid?

remember this, readers, when you meet and talk with bible literalists. some may be referring to kick-yer-ass jesus.

thanks for the citation, doghouse. it reminds me against why i'm a deist.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I've ever said about Mr. West is a Homerian, "Kanye? His name is Kanye? I've been calling him Kayne all this time!"

I don't quite understand how you could be a biblical literalist when the bible is self-contradictory.

Anonymous said...

I don't quite understand how you could be a biblical literalist when the bible is self-contradictory.

That's cognitive dissonance for you.

I took this fellow's letter as a legitimate protest, but only because Kanye West really bugs me for some reason. I think it's latent bias from my anti-hip hop days (I've seen the light now), but Kanye still irritates me. I do not, of course, endorse the fine gentleman's racist subtext, but I do think he worded it amusingly.