Friday, March 24

This Is a Blog for the Majority of Americans

Can we imagine yet that the Eastern liberal elites at WaPo and the Times have met that Middle America they were so curious about and so solicitous of? It's right here:

The President visits the funeral of a Communist
By: Augustine

("Augustine", as you know by now, being the self-effacing nom de bigot of one Ben Domenec, the Post's most recent hire, and the funeral in question being that of Coretta Scott King.)

First, let's give Domenec a chance to explain, or rather, clarify:
Some people have taken issue with an old two-line comment of mine on where I referred to Coretta Scott King as a Communist on the day after her funeral. Coretta Scott King was many things, and her most significant contribution was the unflagging support of her husband in his own noble work to bring equality to all Americans. She was also a liberal activist on a number of issues, including same-sex marriage and abortion. The thread where my comment appeared discussed President Bush's attendance at Mrs. King's funeral, which was criticized by some for its political nature. My comment questioned the president's decision to attend the funeral after he had phoned in a message to the March for Life, the largest pro-life rally and a significant annual event. Mrs. King participated in many different political causes, some of which involved associations with questionable people, but referring to her as a Communist was a mistake, hyperbole in the context of a larger debate about President Bush's political priorities. Mea Culpa.

Yeah, Mea culpa. I didn't interrupt--I may have pulled something in the effort--so let's go back to the beginning. "An old two-line comment"? It was six weeks ago.

That's followed immediately by the standard "the heroic Dr. King" spew--is there anything more deserving of the hated PC tag than the radical rightist's homilies on race when forced to comment in public?--and a two-dozen-word clause proving, as if there was any doubt, that he doesn't know shit about Coretta Scott King. Mrs. King was a power in the Movement in her own right, long before some other racist cracker put a bullet in her husband's throat. She was not the black June Cleever.

On to the further clarification, the sort only the use of "liberal", "gay", and "abortion" can provide for these people, and the additional justification that "some"--namely other parts of the Republican noise machine in which he's a notably dull cog--criticized the "political nature" of her funeral. Of course, they did nothing of the sort, except in passing. They criticized the nature of the politics, not vice versa. (It's interesting to note that it was considered "unseemly" to voice support for the things she risked and lived her life for at her funeral, but it was open season to slander her provided you weren't invited.)

"[She] associat[ed] with questionable people..." This is simply the result of two generations of crypto-racists playing Telephone with the outright lies of John Edgar Hoover. I'd like to hear Domenec name one without referring to his Bigot's Handbook. It's forty years on, you punk-ass phony. We know the history. We have the FBI files. The Communist thing was Full of Shit, a desperate ploy to smear the Civil Rights movement by the racist, sexually-as-well-as-physically stunted head of the FBI, as anybody with half a brain knew at the time. For what it's worth, the Communists, both foreign and home grown, were supporting the human rights of people of color while your people were forcing them to drink at segregated fountains by day and firing indiscriminately into their houses at night. If I'd have had the opportunity, I'll tell you who I'd rather have associated with.

No, sir, that wasn't hyperbole on your part, it was the dimly- (and how appropriate that is!) remembered cover story of the racists of the day, the ones who beat, spat upon, and murdered their fellow citizens who marched with more courage than you'll command in a hundred years, to demand what this country promised them. You don't know enough about that to apologize, or clarify.

Mr. Domenec, you don't represent the majority of Americans, or the majority of so-called Red Staters, and to the extent you represent anyone I hope the Post gives you another twenty years to demonstrate just how odious they are.

(By the way, that picture, which I've used before with scant identification, is of King waiting his turn to speak at the 25th anniversary of the Highlander Folk School, an integrated labor training school which became involved in the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s. It was closed, and its land confiscated, by the State of Tennessee in 1961 for violating segregation laws. That's the noted Communist-in-training Rosa Parks seated on King's extreme left.)


eRobin said...

This is, without doubt, the best post on this subject yet and surely that there will be. It goes way past Domenech - and shouldn't all discussions of him do that?

And this:

-is there anything more deserving of the hated PC tag than the radical rightist's homilies on race when forced to comment in public?

scratched an itch I've had for years about the idea of political correctness, which I support. It's the insincerity and the sanctimony that bugs me but since I most hang around with and read people who are sincere when they are PC, I never could put my finger on what really did bother me about the idea of it. This is it. Thank you.

As for the rest, juxtaposing Domenech's writing with yours - particularly on this topic - exposes him for the plastic character he is.

Just beautiful- and that photo always makes me tear up a little anyway so points there too.

Anonymous said...

If this whiny punk ass shite was actually worth anything... oh, who am I kidding? He represents yet another family of slime mold that deserves more rejection than anyone can muster, more disdain than anyone can lend. Fuck this brat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Robin, you're too kind.

The thing I used to do about rabid anti-PC lecturers is ask if they'd wait while I got a pen and paper so they could write down all the minority groups it was permissible to insult.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm in this mirror the wrong ways today, but is the Esteemed Ms. King on the Rev's extreme right?

Solid writing. Would not suprise me a bit if the 'lurch for life'org. somehow made money when the Highlander was stolen by the state of Tenn. Thats the
sort of people that are friends with the likes of this doofus.

You know, when my officemates confide so whisperingly about the travesty of the King Holiday, I remind them that this was a guy (Ms. King also) who, while they live in terror of our supervisor, stood against an entire national machine bent on destroying him and his family.

both heroes. american heroes.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done. Why the fuck don't you have a nationally syndicated column yet?

Really the lack of quality in punditry these days is starting to greatly piss me off. They get paid to think, and yet you can effortlessly demolish most of them in your spare time.

No offense, you're great, but you're like Batman; in an ideal world, you wouldn't have any targets for snark.

Not to mention the crap about Mrs. King's funeral; Both of them lived intensely political lives, the idea that all of that should've been glossed over to avoid upsetting modern conservatives is grotesque.

If you find that the bad guys who gave the Kings so much shit sound just like you, then that's a sign that you should change your ways. It's not a sign that we should stop talking about those bad guys.