Wednesday, March 29

Pass the Soap

I took a few quick laps this morning with my tea, looking for examples of Right Blogostan's obsession with class cutting among school-age anti-Immigration Bill marchers. I figured it was good for a one-liner about how "Everybody Does It" only works as an excuse for underaged daughters of the President. I remembered John Cole pondering the question--more in the abstract than in full-on mock outrage--and I'd seen links to liberal Democrat spokesmunchkin Mickey Kaus spewing his party's traditional hatred of minorities. I knew I'd seen a longer hectorography on the subject somewhere, but I couldn't remember where that was. Powerline? Nope. Ben Shapiro? He just signed up this morning. Goldstein? I wouldn't have read him voluntarily, and TBogg had just taken on his bioweapons fantasies. If I'd read Goldstein twice in one day I'd have remembered it. But who? Malkins?


You'd imagine, if you'd never read ther, that the country's foremost expert/s on Japanese internment and hinge maintenance might learn to keep themself under control when the topic was ther area of expertise. You don't turn on Nova and see some lab-coated NASA spokesman with blood coming out of every pore. But not Malkins.

I think I counted four thousand pics before losing consciousness, many of them apparently taken by ther army of sewer rats. Lots o' focus on use of the Mexican flag and signage that Just Wouldn't Do if the gardener expressed those sentiments within hearing of his mistress. A crowd shot with a "Brown Is Beautiful" sign at the rear is captioned as only Michelles, or some other racist with a website, could:
Can you image the uproar over someone holding up a sign that read "White is Beautiful?"

Well, I think I can, Michelles, but I'd much rather here how it went down the last time you carried one. First-person interest, an' all.

Shapiro latched himself onto two of the vilest placards:
Some of those voices aren't particularly civil; certain signs at the Los Angeles rally read "THIS IS STOLEN LAND" and "If you think I'm 'illegal' because I'm a Mexican learn the true history because this is my homeland."

Benji, I'm going to put this as civilly as I can. Sometimes civility demands that we offer it to those who have not been quite civil to us, even, in some cases, to our inferiors. If you'd care to do a little research (I believe this sort of information is available at Harvard) you'll find that much of this land was, in fact, stolen, and that the vast majority of Mexicans and persons of Mexican heritage in this country are, in fact, U.S. citizens. Your kind attention is appreciated. Dipshit.

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Anonymous said...

I tried to read Ben's... shit, just to be fair to him, but that stupidity you quoted was so early in the article, and I couldn't get past it.

Most of this land IS stolen. It's a historical fact; saying it's rude is like claiming that anybody who says "Geoerge Washington was the nation's first president" is a radical.

How do people grow up in this country and manage not to learn such basic facts about our history?