Monday, March 6


To Anonymous, who I swear is not me, I got an actual vote for a Best New Blog Koufax. This is as much self-promotion as you're going to see, and about as much subtlety as I'm capable of. The two are connected. Plus there's some really fine new blogs out there that don't rely on excessive use of italics or the phrase "educated in the last century" for the sum total of their appeal.

While you're there drop something in the tip jar, and check out the Best Commenter finals with our friends the incendiary D. Sidhe, the incisive Chris Clarke, the ingenious Teh L4m3, and the Isn't-He-Nominated-For-Everything? norbizness.


Anonymous said...

He was indeed, just about everything. I'm still working out my votes. They're not making it easy this year. There's at least five people in just about every category, and often far more, that I'd love to vote for. And I've only looked at about half of the ones I didn't already know about.
Goodness, though. "Incendiary"? You flatter me, sir.

Anonymous said...

It's true; I plan on being The Color Purple (or The Turning Point) of the 2005 Koufaxes.

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

or Citizen Kane?