Saturday, October 14


That's it?


Five years after the worst attack on American soil and that's what they've got? The shining example of the War on Terra? $150 billion worth of Homeland Security? The fruits of Patriot Acts I & II and god knows what other extra-legal shenanigans?

This is what will re-energize the lamest lame duck ever? The treason indictment in absentia of some mook with a towel on his head who made videos in his parent's basement?


This is what they've got to sell to the American people after five years. The grownups in charge. The restorers of honesty. The high-minded small-government patriots, the principled architects of a New Century, the American Exceptionalists, dispensers of democracy. The tough-minded winners of the Cold War.

This is why it was so important to elect Republicans? To change the tone in Washington? So that six years later they'd have this proud record of achievement to run on? Is this the campaign they envisioned two years ago? "Whaddya got for '06?" "Well, I figure we can charge some surly punk on myspace with treason." "Bingo!"

Post-teenaged adolescents? The government can't even protect us from actual teenagers.

And this is the party which insists that it alone can protect us, it alone is moral, and our big problem is we've become too timid to use our manly righteousness in the pursuit of the Good. Yet they're afraid to run on their own record.


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DBK said...

Yup. That's what they have for us.

You fail to appear suitably impressed.