Friday, October 20

A Priest, A Congressman, And An Altar Boy Walk Into A Bar...

Maybe it's just me--I have more respect for honest drunks than I do for people who announce they're going to rehab--but once in rehab, aren't you, I dunno, supposed to be rehabbing? Is turning in the priest really such a rush job? It's been forty years, what's a couple more weeks?

And don't get me wrong--I'm remarkably tolerant of individual's religious preferences, but most religious organizations can't be kicked around in public enough for my tastes, and the Catholic church and its army of pederasts are at the top of that list. But at the same time I find Foley's sudden willingness to disgrace the religion he used to wear on his sleeve almost as sleezy as his IMs.

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R.Porrofatto said...

Sleazy, but not surprising for the Party of Personal Accountability, who perennially ridicule the bleeding-heart notion of causative or mitigating factors in the backgrounds of non-Republican offenders. While there might be good money in opening clinics that cure the urge to backdate stock options, seduce teenagers, or accept bribes, Goopers have never been sympathetic to say, poverty rehab.