Tuesday, October 3

is taht a congressman in ur pocket, or r u just happy 2 c me?

Don't worry, America. Investigators are standing by.
One: listened, sort of, to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council on CNN, who was being pressed by John King to say something substance about the Republican leadership in re: Foley. What Perkins did say, at least four times, was some variation on this:

"If the Republican leadership did fail to act it may be because they were afraid of being seen as homophobic or gay bashing."

Yes indeedy, always a big problem for the Pugs, their homophobophobia.

Of course, maybe part of the problem is the instantaneous equation of pedophilia and homosexuality, but what do I know?

UPDATE: Newt said it too.

Memo to: Bay, et al.
Subject: Righteous anger at Republican leadership

I'll believe you when I see you pursue this to the bitter end. It means absolutely nothing for you to come out against pederasty. Have a look at Mr. Perkins' weaseling above. Half the pubic social "conservatives" in this country are in the employ of the RNC, and it's been going on for a quarter-century. Are you people going to call them out, at long last? You either get Hastert's scalp on this or you quit altogether. That should be the deal.

Of course at that point you and our ilk will still be a bunch of hypocrites, but there's no getting around that.

Regards, dr

Two: Can't remember if I've told this story. A guy who taught in my high school was, several years later, arrested at the direction of future Indianapolis mayor and Bush administration flunkey, prosecutor Stephen "Goldsmythe" Goldsmith because he (the teacher) called up a former student, by then aged 19, and asked her if she'd care to perform in what are euphemistically known as "adult videos". The young woman in question took offense, but rather than tell her former teacher to go fuck himself and tape that she called up the most ambitious sumbitch ever elected prosecutor, and he had her wear a wire to a meeting with the guy. Who wound up on the front page of the paper charged with pandering. His teaching career was over, of course. And no argument that his judgment was poor enough that that wasn't exactly a bad thing.

But I’m married to a teacher, and it’s something we both live with--any accusation will wind up on the front page of the paper and it’s Career Over. Which just adds a little piquance to the Foley deal and the freshly-minted legalists on the Right--such as Tony Snow, who was required to say that the administration believed in innocence before the Bar and in the conduct of a full investigation before any rash acts, such as imprisonment. With a straight face.


R.Porrofatto said...

Best post title of the week.

D. Sidhe said...


That's cute, though. The party of raging homophobia is suddenly too concerned about the appearance of homophobia to correct a sexual harasser.

As one of those queers who hasn't slept with anyone under twenty since she turned eighteen, I'd just like to thank the delicate flowers of the GOP for their fierce back-handed defense of me and my pals.

I'm seriously going to have to beat the next concern troll, btw, who tries to explain that I'm gay-bashing by pointing out that sleeping with teenagers is not something a middle-aged lawmaker and public figure from the family values coalition ought to be doing.

In fact, let's just rewind a bit till we get to the part where Lynn Cheney was shocked, *shocked*, that John Kerry would do something so cruel and homophobic as to mention that her daughter preferred innies to outies.

These people are assholes. We knew that. It's just amazing me how cynically transparent they are, and that it apparently really does fool a good percentage of the electorate.

Am I overly cynical, btw, if I wonder whether this info was deliberately released now so that the GOP could yell and scream that the dems are playing politics? Turn your weakness into your asset, after all.

These guys must all be reading Business Management books by Machiavelli.