Wednesday, October 11


In case you haven't been following the Indiana Pacers in the preseason, lemme bring you up to speed: as of this writing they haven't shot at anyone in almost five days.

Police called to the now-infamous Strip Club Incident early Friday morning found, in addition to a somewhat battered swingman, a small amount of marijuana (described as "about one joint") in the driver's-side door of point guard Jamaal Tinsley's SUV, something which led to no arrests but lent a new perspective on the chronic problems which have kept Tinsley out of the lineup roughly half of his Pacers career.

There was some public grumbling about the lack of charges, but there were several passengers in Tinsley's vehicle and ownership of the demon weed could not be determined. And it's pretty standard practice here not to file charges for possession of misdemeanor amounts, as I can personally attest, since I was once given the opportunity to simply dump out the small amount of pot I happened to be holding for a friend. The officer was even nice enough to let me keep the heirloom ebony hash pipe I've been holding for the same friend since 1971.

Like most Hoosiers I'd figured that was the end of it, but then this afternoon I checked the Indianapolis Star and learned:
Authorities are still trying to link marijuana found in Tinsley’s car to an owner. Tests on the plastic bag found no fingerprints, Mount said. Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi’s office has ordered a DNA test on the plastic bag in hopes of linking it to someone, [IPD Sgt. Matthew] Mount said.

A DNA test on the baggie that held a gram or two of pot. And yes, in case you're wondering, the Marion County Prosecutor is up for reelection this year.


the bunny said...

"... lent a new perspective on the chronic problems ..."
Hee, hee, hee.
Dog, I love you, man.

Doug said...

I was just heading to the comments section to express my love for the use of the phrase "chronic problems." But, my sense of humor has remained firmly in the 7th grade.

Celia said...

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