Friday, January 18

Friday Housekeeping

Stinky ponders a) the effects of Tunisia on Paul Klee's later works; b) what good photo composition means; or c) how vastly improved digital camera optics are always available on the camera that isn't around.

JUST wanted to note for D. Sidhe and anyone else who'd planned their weekend around candle-lighting ceremonies for my upcoming surgery that it's postponed until the end of March. I did this, by the way, so that I wouldn't be underfoot during my Poor Wife's busiest month of the year, and moved it to Spring Break so she'd be better able to do without my cooking and other feeeble swipes at domesticity; she immediately interpreted it as my desire to be waited on hand and foot for a sennight. Remember, kids, at least give abstinence a try; you may be doing yourself a bigger favor than you know.

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D. Sidhe said...

Duly noted. Well, not the last bit, since it's too late. And not applicable to me, either. I get rants about not bothering to see a doctor so I don't have to carry kitty litter, yes, but I also get my insurance and my mortgage paid, and that is not to be underestimated even if you *don't* like the sex, which is obviously not the case.

Keep us posted on the surgery thing, and seriously, would you like some cranes? The last box I sent was to Marq, I believe, which is depressing, but I can promise the cranes themselves won't kill you. I'm not *that* kind of stalker. I'm also not the sort who will *actually* send you dead butterflies, that's a joke. But a box of cranes is, as get well cards go, nicer than most anything the Hallmark offers, and your Poor Wife might appreciate them.

Come to think of it, the last thousand I folded with some goal in mind were for my cat, who is doing better now than anybody expected. So maybe there's even something to it. Drop me a line, if you like, hdsidhe, gmail, etc.