Friday, January 18

One More Thing...

SORRY to interrupt the casting process for that statue of Glen Johnson, but 1) Where's the Associated Press been the last eight years? 2) Why does run-of-the-mill candidate BS get the treatment, when colossal lies get stenoed? and 3) Can't you wait your turn by this point? You can call out Romney in print every single time he says something like this; in fact that--and not reality television--is your job. I do not welcome the prospect of someone interrupting Barack Obama to quote his book at him, or Hillary Clinton to ask about her husband's penis. Enough of the Teresa Heinz moments, already. Just (start to) do your fucking jobs. Heroism is out of the question at this point.


John deVille said...

Sure it would have been better if Johnson was Murrow rather than the whiny kid in the first row in poli sci 101. But when Nora O'Donnell, Russert, Frank Bruni, and Alexandra Pelosi get to set the bar, it's a bit romantic, dare I say Obama-ish, to expect a Murrow to emerge from the shadows, sans contemporary narcissistic theatrics, to "do his job."

It would have been nice but so would a return to the 1950 personal and corporate income tax schedule. We saw a young, frazzled reporter decide to hit the bullshit button in the store that sells easy buttons. And it fucked old Willard up good.

He doesn't get a statue but he does get an attaboy and a copy of Good Night and Good Luck.

doghouse riley said...

I don't argue with the justification, except to say that anyone with half a brain has to know Mitt's lying--okay, so that still leaves a large segment of the voting populace--whereas stuff like "Saddam planned 9/11" goes unchallenged. I'm just thinking of every other upper-or-aspiring-upper-class expense account "journalist" deciding he or she gets to interrupt John Edwards answering a question about health care to demand an answer to the haircut problem.