Thursday, January 10

Man Overboard

OKAY, so the truth is I talked my Poor Wife into new Macs only because the old G3s had no video board upgrade path and I wanted to indulge my taste for obscure-ish 80s pop video. So now you can eat it, too, every Friday til I run out of stuff I liked, which will probably be next week.

Hunters and Collectors,
"Talking to a Stranger"

Light years, or at least half a parsec ahead of anything in its time, which I think is why MTV played it twice, tops.

The Breaks, "She Wants You"

I'm still in love with Susanne Jerome Taylor, even though she returned the toe I sent her.

The Three O'Clock, "Her Head's Revolving"

My Poor Wife: "It's good to see a drummer who's not afraid to enjoy himself."

Game Theory, "Erica's World"

On the one hand, Scott Miller is criminally underappreciated; on the other, I could sell my Game Theory vinyl for a few hundred thousand dollars.

Charlie Sexton, "Beat's So Lonely"

I don't think he was old enough to drive when he did this. Seriously.


heydave said...

Ah, OK.
Well then.
I see.

billy pilgrim said...

Scott Miller and Game Theory!! You are totally rockin.

I love Scott and his various incarnations. Have seen him once in GT and three times in LF; criminal is not the word for his underappreciation.

Put it this way: Scott Miller has to work a 9-5 and Justin Timberlake does not. Justice is dead.

Anonymous said...

What Billy Pilgrim said. I've long since adored your column for the practice it gives me for when it's my turn to be an ancient hyperliterate curmudgeon (practice/schmactice, I'm twice the age of my high school students who've never heard of Rodney King or watched a Reagan-era armageddon movie). But you liking Scott Miller gives you major extra karma points, although his Loud Family incarnation's my favorite. I have my own Game Theory vinyl to sell; perhaps I could use the profits to buy a working record player again...