Wednesday, January 2

New 'Puter

A new (actually factory-refurbished) aluminum iMac with a screen bigger than any television I owned before age 30, and which, since Fed-Ex didn't get around to delivering until 7 PM I'll be playing with for the next couple hours before switching on the new OSX.5 backup system, then spending tomorrow hunting down the stuff I would have gotten today (ethernet hub, new desk) if the delivery had been anything approaching timely.  Then it'll be repositioned in the living room so it can act as very large Lava Lamp when not otherwise occupied.  And I'll be back before you can say Centerville, Ottumwa, Fairfield, Mount Pleasant, Fort Madison, Burlington, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Grinnell and West Des Moines. 


heydave said...

You left out "Ames" bitch!

marcab_invasion said...

We can be cold as our falling thermometers in December
When you ask about our weather in July
And we're so by-God stubborn
We can stand touching noses
For a week at a time, and never see eye to eye

But we'll give you our shirt
And a back to go with it
If your crops should happen to die

Katherine said...

Cngratulations! I love my Apple/Mac as much as I love my Subaru. I'm on my 3rd Mac, and 5th Subaru (in 20 years). I'll never willingly go to a Windows OS, yetch! Mac's OS takes a little getting used to, but not much.

James Stripes said...

You've gotta have the hardware, but isn't Mac a religious cult? The way Mac users rave about their computers, one might think so. It's never been an option for me because software that I use daily is not available for Mac (although the Windows emulation software seems better than it was a few years ago).

doghouse riley said...

But the Mac was the only platform of choice for graphics arts for all those years, which is why I bought one in the first place, and I just never liked the feel of Windows.

So I can't really tell ya, since it requires a copy of Vista, but the new Macs don't emulate Windows, they run it, in a separate mode called Boot Camp.