Sunday, January 6

Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before

Indianapolis Racist Star: "Mayoral Transition Anything But Smooth" January 6

TOO bad the online version doesn't preserve the Dead Tree Edition's subhead: "Peterson administration accused of leaving mess and destroying documents in its final days in office." Thank God it still preserves the Amazing Incontrovertible Proof from the original:

• "John Cochran, Ballard's transition director, said the Peterson team became less cooperative toward the end. As one example, he led a visiting reporter on a tour of a disheveled office supply room on the 25th floor that looked as if a sour grape had exploded inside it."

• "Several employees in the City-County Building said the shredding machine was going nonstop in the final week of Peterson's tenure, with the remains hauled directly to waiting city trash trucks."

• 'Greg Wilson, the city's new director of minority business affairs, was unhappy about the situation.

"The sad thing is that they were acting like those were their documents," Wilson said. "Those records are the citizens' documents. Tax money paid to produce them." '

No word yet on 1) why the disheveled office supply room could not be captured on film, though it's suspected the culprits may have employed a special Transylvanian sour grape variety Democrats brought in just for the purpose (little realizing the sort of vivid word pictures ace Racist Star reporters are capable of painting); 2) in this age of global terrorism why several employees would be running around the City-County Building without their IDs; 3) when the shredding machines will be removed from the 25th floor, since there can't be any legitimate need for them; or 4) how many weeks it'll be before Greg "The Accidental Mayor" Ballard announces we should all put this behind us and move forward.


heydave said...

Pretty shameless bullshit. Don't these clowns even realize that virtually replicate scams have already been disproved?

On another note, if I may, your commenters were very helpful when I asked once upon a time for good background reading on the civil war. I'm currently looking for similar references dealing with the Persian empire(s). Can anybody help with suggestions or just send me to a reliable source for historic info?

Thanks, feel free to resume snarking.

D. Sidhe said...

Sure, but have all the B keys been pried from all the keyboards?

doghouse riley said...

Heydave, I know nothing about the subject that isn't taught to schoolboys. Maybe Dr. Stripes will wander by...