Sunday, January 27

Number Of Words Until The First Gratuitous Mention Of Hillary In A MoDo Column About Rudy Giuliani, In Case That's The Reason You'd Actually Read It


For Bill, not including hysterically funny Mitt Romney quote (no, really) add 114

For "Billary" add 579

You're welcome.


Julia said...

Gee, Rudy's racism and divisiveness all of a sudden bothers MoDo. Imagine.

Guess we won't be getting more columns about the ineffectual and feminized "Obambi" and his overly-talkative wife any time soon.

What a clone that woman is.

Anonymous said...

not to dis clones, mind you.

Poicephalus said...

I am still hoping for a return of the firewall. What a sweet parenthetical (subs. req.).

Veritas78 said...

One definite plus of an Obama candidacy is depriving MoDo of her HiBi fetish. The girl can't stop it...