Saturday, August 23

In Other Words, He Blocked A Shot.

"There's a constant chess match between the middles of which way they're going to hit--wrist-away or cross-body. Players are always getting more information about where the set is, split-second information about the approach angle of the hitters, and factoring into that the history. David Lee taking that all into account, making an amazing blocking move."

--NBC "indoor" volleyball analyist Kevin Barnett


Anonymous said...

And who cares? They aren't even hawt wimmen wearing little pieces of fabric over their naughty parts.
It's all nauseating hype and drool. I can't stand it.

Anonymous said...

Was that the block where Lee was pulling his arms down ('cause he jumped too early?) and the ball careened of his arms or noggin or something? 'Cause I think I saw Fischer do something similar to Spassky in 1972.

James Stripes said...

Okay, vollyball players, as football coaches, are playing chess. I doubt it. But, then that statement about contesting the middle, even though it is applicable in chess strategy, could be a statement regarding American politics as Obama runs right, and McCain shifts left. It's not really about vollyball.

We know this much: Obama really has played chess and that Bush almost certainly prefers checkers.