Thursday, February 16

Shot 'n A Beer

This from the replacement story for the one MSNBC originally scrubbed of the beer reference:
‘No comment’ on blood test
At a news conference Wednesday outside Whittington’s hospital in Corpus Christi, reporters asked hospital officials whether Whittington’s blood-alcohol level had been tested. The officials responded with a "no comment."

Um, er, uh. Well of course they tested his blood-alcohol level. He's a 78-year-old man with birdshot in 'im, and that means he very well could have been facing emergency surgery even if he wasn't in any particular danger right then. That's assuming it wouldn't be done routinely on a gunshot victim.

And I'm assuming the reporter knew that. The purpose of the question was to elicit the response; a "no comment" is as telling as taking the Fifth when all the evidence is against you. The only thing it accomplishes is you've avoided an actual confession.

But then, why doesn't the story say that? Easy enough to get a medical expert to admit to it. But the real tell, I think, is that Cheney copped to beer at lunch. Anything else is deniable, but if/when it comes out that Whittington was half popped before he was really popped a denial would be worth less than Cheney's word usually is. If that's even imaginable.

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Anonymous said...

Whittington's apology
came off to me as the sort of inappropriate and exaggerated honoring
intended as ridicule in Asian tradition!

Not only did the victim publicly apologize to Cheney and even Cheneys family but did anybody notice that Cheney has yet to publicly apologize to Whittington, let alone to Whittington's family!

Oh and we mustn't ever forget that Cheney's first instinct was to have his secretary Mary Matalin say Cheney did nothing wrong, and have Armstrong and McClellan say it was Whittington's fault.

First Cheney shoots Whittington, then blames Whittington, and then somehow gets Whittington out of his hospital bed to Cheney?!

by Thicketed