Wednesday, February 8

Then Why Weren't All You Racist Crackers Watching Video of All the Lovely White People at the Reagan Funeral Instead?

[Warning: every fourth word in what follows might be an obscenity. I don't know yet.]

There are little flecks of spittle on my monitor. Okay, I've never been anybody's definition of laid-back. But y'know, ranting is a technique. It's a response to what our politics and culture have become through lies, cupidity, and stupidity. I generally don't twist my intestines in a knot while writing, or I'd a' given it up long before Al Gore invented the internet.

But this shit about the Coretta Scott King services makes me wish the word "shit" hadn't been devalued. Shit is noble by comparison. If shit had the choice it wouldn't sully its hands on this.

Let's start with Malkins:
The Democrats just can't restrain themselves. Absolutely ungodly.

Expose the Left has video of Jimmy Carter and Joseph Lowery gone wild with Bush-bashing sermons at Coretta Scott King's funeral.

And again, the poor defenseless word "ungodly" gets no choice whether to cross her lips, or the sound of choking would have been noted coast to coast. We'll come back to this in a moment. First, let's get the real story from our meticulously sourced if liberally-biased media. Maria Newman in the New York Times:
Former President Jimmy Carter talked about the nonviolent struggle for justice that the Kings tried to promote, a veiled reference to the war in Iraq. "They overcame one of the greatest challenges of life, which is to be able to wage a fierce struggle for freedom and justice and to do it peacefully," he said.

He also noted that Dr. King had been the subject of wiretapping by the F.B.I., a reference that recalls the Bush administration's controversial decision not to seek warrants for eavesdropping on some electronic communications related to the efforts against Al Qaeda.

"It was difficult for them personally with the civil liberties of both husband and wife violated, and they became the targets of secret government wiretapping and other surveillance," Mr. Carter, a Democrat, said of the Kings.

A "veiled reference"? A reference that "recalls the Bush administration's controversial decision not to seek warrants?" How about this: it's the accurate history of the life he was eulogizing? I have never come so close to typing in all caps in my life.

It's fucking one thing to read this stuff from whomever Malkins chooses to do her talking for her. It's another when the pure, unfounded, illiterate musings bouncing around a reporter's skull get reported as major news. And just to show I wasn't totally out of control about it, I went to the Malkins' link there to watch the video. I hadn't seen the service except in excerpts and I couldn't find a transcript. Here's the lead-in from the Exposer of All Things Left:
Bashing President Bush remained a constant theme at the funeral service for Coretta Scott King. Former President Jimm Carter made the crowd roar after he compared King’s wiretapping to Bush’s terrorist surveillance program:

CARTER It was difficult for them [the King family] then personally with the civil liberties of both husband and wife violated as they became the target of secret government wiretaps.

In the latter part of his speech, Carter said that not enough was done and is being done for those who suffered from the disaster created by Hurricane Katrina.

Notice anything missing? Like, I dunno, the part where Carter "compared that to Bush's terrorist surveillance program?"

Well, it's just a teaser, anyway. I'm sure the relevant quote will be in the video.

Gee. It wasn't.

Instead it was an edited clip containing the above, his comment "we only have to recall the color of the faces of those in Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi who are most devastated by Katrina to know that there are not yet equal opportunities for all Americans," and his sign off. I'm gonna go out on a limb now and say that the failure to link President Carter's actual words comparing the Kings' history to one of Bush's impeachable offenses means he didn't say it.

Look, I'm gonna try to say this nicely: you ignorant shit shovelers have no fucking idea what you're talking about. I'm truly sorry that those of you who feel inclined to hide your domestic racism aren't sated by the "acceptable" little brown terrorist outlet. Really. I'm sorry that on occasions like this one the only shaft in your quiver is the Golden Homing Arrow of Stupid. I long for the day when you-all'll be smart enough to appreciate that the New York Times does your dirty work for you, just without enough dirt for your tastes. I don't care if you want to keep pretending matters of race are settled in this country, or that you're above it all, and I don't care that you show no interest in the actual history of the Kings or of the struggle for equality. I would, in fact, prefer that you keep pretending that racism was the matter of a couple of guys with shotguns and bad attitudes. I don't want to hear your phony paeans to people who were brutalized by the Klan and the police, who were beaten bloody and toothless for daring to line up to register to vote, or sit at the white man's lunch counter. I'm happier that you don't know and don't care anything about it. I don't give a flying fuck whether you think a man being hung by his handcuffs for three days at Parchman Farm because he dared march for his civil rights meets your definition of torture. I don't care if you understand what all the sexually-demented dwarf the FBI buiding is named for did to stop the "burrhead King". I just wish all your fucking racist heads would explode from the strain, already.


Sebas said...

hehe its tough being american. great rants.

julia said...

If in case you were wondering what the lady had to say, Mrs. King accepts an award at a GLBT center

handdrummer said...

The wingnuts ranted the same tired rants after Paul Wellstone's funeral. Meh.

Anonymous said...

You know, you didn't actually swear as much as you could have. But then, my response to this revolting display was pretty much just a six minute string of obscenity without any coherence.

This is like the Wellstone funeral again, only far worse.
And, like Wellstone, the Malkins of the world never liked Mrs King anyway, not least because, as julia reminds us, she felt that the civil rights struggle properly includes gays, and because she didn't buy into the happy horseshit that racism is a thing of the past.

I suppose it makes sense in an extremely ugly way that it's the actual racists who want us to believe that racism doesn't exist anymore.

Anonymous said...

Malkin, O'Beirne, the right wing creme de la femme is out on this one. Can't wait to see what the betesticled Coulter will say. (This is why I tell my doctor I really don't need to run a treadmill for a stress test. And a Halter monitor would spike whenever the Bush puss appeared, so cardiology be damned these days.) They really don't get more loathsome in their frantic skirt-lifting to protect the boy-king. Nothing short of every speaker pointing to Bush and saying "But as great as Martin and Coretta were, they had nothing on you, sweet cheeks" would appease them. Which would be perfectly appropriate at a memorial service/funeral, too.

Anonymous said...

Dude. I think you got some on me.

Seriously pointy rant. A+.

I keep thinking we're going to cancel the NY Times, but then we would just be left with the Chicago, I mean, LA Times. Weren't newspapers suppposed to be obsolete by now?

Anonymous said...

Haven't you noticed that this is the "Democrats/liberals can't conduct themselves properly at funerals" meme? Several of you noted the similarity with Wellstone's funeral, but remember Reagan's funeral when the Rpundits were bashing the Clintons for "sleeping" during the funeral?

DR has been able to put into words what I was sputtering incoherently. Thanks, Doghouse.

Tlachtga said...

Wonderfully said, man. Much better put than I would've.

Anonymous said...


Old-Internet slang for 'speechless.'

Keep going. I looked in vain for this disquisition on the bigtime libsites. It needs to be said with a hammer.

Anonymous said...

Wellstoning, like swiftboating, is a page in the Wurlitzer operating manual.

Anonymous said...

They drove you into a rant and made Rude Pundit get very calm (scroll down). The latter is probably scarier, but yours is more satisfying.