Tuesday, June 7

As Long As They Keep Saying That, I'll Keep Saying This

Local news followed a group of D-Day veterans to the WWII Memorial, which gave Danny "Home Ballistics Test Kit" Burton the opportunity to spout off about how Hitler would have ruled Europe were it not for the Normandy landings.

Uh, no.

As awe-inspiring as the story of D-Day is, and without diminishing one bit the sacrifices made by Allied troops over sixty years ago, what D-Day did was shorten the war and begin the process of liberating France and the Low Countries. The outcome of the war had already been determined by the Red Army and the people of the Soviet Union at Stalingrad. The men who took those beaches deserve every accolade we can heap on them, but can we quit pretending we fought, and won, the war alone?


Anonymous said...

i second your sentiments, mr riley.

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

You are right sir. Make that trip to Russia. I studied there in 1983 and they know how to throw a war remembrance day. Like on every street corner.