Monday, June 13

Cable News Roulette

Inspired by Norbizness and Daily Pepper, who was herself inspired by The Liberal Avenger, I've decided to share my private fun with CNN and MSNBC.

I do not/cannot watch either channel under ordinary circumstances, "ordinary circumstances" being defined as any time my Poor Wife doesn't have control of the remote. But awhile back I hit upon the idea of turning to the one, then the other, sometime in the AM and simply noting what they're talking about, as opposed to what an informed, concerned citizen of about my height and weight might consider "news". This is not a game for the faint of heart.

Rules: turn on CNN, followed by a bump up to MSNBC. Commercials and "official" weather reports do not count, but weather-activity related stories do. If there's a run-down of top stories, note each and what they lead with after. Otherwise, note just what story is on the screen at the moment. Rinse. Repeat.

Today: CNN was in commercial, so I flipped to MSNBC, for a talking heads discussion of Mike Tyson. Back to CNN for a weather update, followed by Rush Limbaugh's concubine reeling off Today's Top Stories With Enticing Video. In order: Bush Meeting with Five Africans, Saddam Hussein Interrogation Video Released, Shooting on California Freeway (with tantalizing static shot of an underpass), and Missing Teen Still Missing; Mom Has Opinions, which was intoned over a scanned photo of a dozen blonde nubiles on the beach. They led with the Bush story.

I know there's been much comment recently about Missing Blonde of the Week™, but the idea that anything that involves a Class A Misdemeanor and a California roadway is national news is at least equally disturbing.


Anonymous said...

I'm proud to say that my coworkers and I spent our lunch break watching everyone salivating over the Michael Jackson verdict. I tried to pretend I was above it all, but watching CNN stumble all over themselves to get at the fray was a riot. I kept muttering "schmucks ... schmucks ..."

The Phnom Penh said...

FYI, on CNN international this morning (my time - 8pm US Central), the news items were:
- Wave of attacks in Iraq
- Australian hostage freed
- Spanish terror suspects arrested
- Presidential campaign in Iran
- Korean 5th anniversary of summit
- Guantanamo debate in Congress
- Terry Schiavo autopsy
- Oil prices up
- EU-China trade row
- Asian stock indices
- Haier may buy Maytag
- Dollar weaker
- Weather (monsoon, hot, people dying)
- Khmer Rouge trials (Brother #2 interview)