Thursday, June 9

Happy Birthday

Jackie Wilson, 1934-1984.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Mr. Excitement. I go back and forth as to whether "Lonely Teardrops" or "Higher and Higher" is my favorite Jackie Wilson song, but I always come back to that chilling and thrilling moment at the end of "Lonely Teardrops" when Jackie goes up an octave. Which, by the way, the local oldies station, in their Clear Channel wisdom, chops off about 70% of the time. They also chop off "De-liver the letter. De sooner De better" from "Please Mr. Postman". Cretins. And the first 4 or 5 times I saw Marshall Crenshaw, the two covers he did were "White Lightning" and "Reet Petite". That tells you a lot about why Marshall is one of my heroes.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Jackie. One of my heroes. Great shagging music (Carolina style, not British.) I hate that I never got to see him perform.

And "Lonely Teardrops" is effin' awesome.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who gives props to Mr Excitement in the very first post I see of them gets props in my book. One of the greatest soul men ever.

Anonymous said...

your post reminds me of van morrison's tribute:

"i'm in heaven when you smile!"

in that scat style that he could do so well.