Thursday, June 16

Friday Thursday Cat Blogging Humor

I had a bunch of work to do in the garden this evening, so I swiped my Poor Wife's boombox to keep me company. I put on John Hiatt's Little Head, which starts off with the title song which has a series of little two or three note guitar fills at the end of each line. I hadn't paid much attention coming out the back door with my arms full, and Ol' Lonesome Stinky snuck out the door behind me. I was off in the yard, and I'd left something on the deck so I walked back and discovered him, all fluffed up and looking desperately around him for the cat invader. Which was what the guitar fills sounded like. I don't own any electrics, but I'm gonna try to learn those licks.


Anonymous said...

Riley: A cat's reaction to that stuff is always hysterical. We have a fairly elaborate surround sound system in our living room which is used primarily for music. Man, cats hate surround sound. If one happens to be inside and is snoozing on the couch in the "sweet spot" and I decide to play something in surround, as soon as things start shooting from the back speakers, said cat starts looking around with an increasingly pissed off look. It then usually wants out.

I haven't had a chance to say this before but your previous cat postings were quite elegant. We're "down" to 8 cats at the moment, just having recently lost one. We don't run a B&B, we run a shelter ( It's sadly out of date and several of the cats there are no longer with us.

Anonymous said...

I suspect it's not the notes played but rather the feline sqeezy tone David Immergluck achieved, which I'm guessing was through an envelope filter. But most of those licks are a sloppy pull-off from E at the 12th fret sometimes down to D, others down to D then to B. The exceptions are D pull-offs at the 10th fret off of the B chord, which is nice and bluesy. Given that Hiatt has a song called "I Killed an Ant With My Guitar" I think he would approve of his music being used to confuse a cat. Rock on!