Friday, June 3

Trent Lott, Dwarf

So, via The Next Hurrah I see that the Gentleman from Mississippi seems to have been the Republican who brokered the Filibuster deal. Funny how all the professional journalists, including the Dean of American political commentators, were touting John "Maverick" McCain. You know, the folks with the insider info? The ones who have to stovepipe unsourced administration propaganda in order to keep their vital contacts?

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Anonymous said...

Say what? Get out! I'm gonna go diggin on this puppy ... more info here:

Hmmm ... Jackson, MS, paper reporting it, too. Only they paint it as a victory of Lott over McCain: "Senate filibuster compromise was Lott's idea, not McCain's."

They should have thrown in a "nyah-nyah" after that headline, doncha think? My Glad Game is tipping over!

I won't get started on our snoozing media. Not yet.