Tuesday, June 21

Baloney and Rice

Caught a minute or two of Condi's performance on whatever Sunday morning program isn't on Fox. She still has that tell--her lips move when she's lying--but otherwise she seems to have undergone some species of American Idol-type makeover. She had cherry red lipstick; she gave Jerry Lewis back his hair. Even her face seemed softened. Then again, I suppose the image consultants had a lot more to work with with Condi than they had with her husband boss.

I never watch the Sunday shows (I was in a holding pattern waiting to start the Father's Day trek). I used to love 'em back when I was a kid and Tim Russert was a journalist. Suffering through the short clip I watched I realized why: I can't bear to watch people lie like that. Must be my upbringing. I can easily turn on the ire reading transcripts, but watching is just too painful. I even cringe more than laugh at the Daily Show remotes. The only exception is that Brit, the one who uses a lot of people in mascot costumes. [Update: Trigger Happy.] When they set up the brass band and the beauty queen and the big banner, "Congratulations, 100,000th Customer" outside a porn shop my wife had to give me CPR.

Anyway, it was interesting in ninety seconds to see that the Official Vietnam War Spokesperson Syndrome is in full effect, same as the official You Traitorous Bastards Made Us Lose Gambit. Rice answered questions with the same responses she used in 2003. Only the lipstick has changed.

I didn't get to hear the Secretary claim the administration had informed the American public that this was a "generational commitment". It's funny, but in the run-up to the war, I don't remember agreeing with the administration on anything. Memory sure plays tricks on you in the twilight years.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, whatever happened to "Trigger Happy"? I used to work as a mascot, and that show made me soooo happy. Mascot's revenge is a joy to behold.

But, back on the Condi train, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the marketing meeting in which her PR people discussed her lipstick.

"Bob, how can we soften her and make her less scary?"

"Well, Stacy, we need to warm her up a little - earth tones, nothing cool because she's got a rep for being frosty."

"Hum. A warm orangey shade or a vibrant red. I can't decide ..."

"I know! Let's call Jenna!"

Ray Bridges said...

"I used to love 'em back when I was a kid and Tim Russert was a journalist."

Now that was a long time ago wasn't it?

Great post. "generational commitment?" Did she really say that? Oh my fucking god. I try never to listen to anything they say. I depend on others. That's a good one. I need to go send that one to my cousins who voted for Bush and have sons approaching the draft age.

As Country Joe once said, "And it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for? Don't ask me I don't give a damn, next stop is Iraq-Am."