Wednesday, June 29

Funny How Things Work

Despite crawling through the vile putresence that is Who Wants To Be A Hilton? last night, including, I neglected to mention, the first time I ever had to watch Paris Hilton, Zombie Queen of Weimar America, I feel strangely...energized this AM. I'm sorta fleshing out a new reality-show concept, tentatively entitled Don't Bogart Me, in which groups of stoners would continually pass a bong, eat Pringles, and keep up a running commentary on whatever was on teevee or the stereo. Whoever falls asleep last comes back next week. There'd be a lot fewer histrionic spit fits. I see Cheech Marin as host, or Woody Harrelson if he needs work. Suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said...

Someone has to ask, it might as well be me.
Is there a home game?

Anonymous said...

That sounds like my idea for The Real Real World where a bunch of early-20s people sit around, drink, smoke, and watch reality shows on TV. Maybe there's a really heated argument about whether to watch Simple Life or play Grand Theft Auto, but other than that, no serious confrontation.

Anonymous said...

It would probably be like those "clip shows" of which VH1 is so fond. I like to call them "cannibal television," in which individuals who fashion themselves comedians basically talk like they've lived on a Pringles-and-pot diet. I like it.

And I would have to crack some heads if someone picked Simple Life over Grand Theft Auto.