Wednesday, December 7

Happy Birthday

Tom Waits: born December 7, 1949

"I wasn't thrilled by Blue Cheer, so I found an
alternative, even if it was Bing Crosby."


Anonymous said...

i'm not the music maven that many of you are, but i do remember two tom waits songs.

the first had the line "pasties and a g-string, beer and a shot." great song about a titty bar.

the second was played at the end of the movie smoke. i remember the line "you're innocent when you dream."

now a man who can pull off those very different attitudes in song, and do it well ... all praises to him.

Scheherezhade said...

Hey, trippy. I was just wondering to myself this morning -- honest --if you were a fan of Tom Waits? I figured I'd know if you ever wished him a happy birthday on your blog. I swear I didn't know that it was Waits' birthday. I was, however, listening to his music.

annejumps said...

It's my birthday today too!

Anonymous said...

It's my ex-fiance's birthday today, too. Pearl Harbor day. How appropriate.

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Also my unoffical anniversary. My Poor Wife and I moved in together 28 years ago.

Tom and I have been together longer. I became a fan with The Heart of Saturday Night, in '74, cemented by his appearance on, believe it or not, The Dinah Shore Show. I have no recollection of how I found either one of those, but I remember he sang "Warm Beer and Cold Women", and was on the panel with Bill Buckley and some teevee starlet who was practically crawling in his lap. Dinah asked him what his ideal woman would be and he said, "A waitress with a hysterectomy."

Do try to find a copy of his concert film Big Time.

eRobin said...

JUST listened to Jersey Girl - Bruce singing but that's the way I like it best.

Anonymous said...

"... we allowed so-called Pacifists and isolationists to determine this nation's (non)reaction to genocide and naked aggression."

"The suggestion that "isolationists" were starry-eyed proto-hippie peaceniks is completely unwarranted, except that Tammy doesn't like them either."

How, pray tell, do you even connect isolationists as ...proto-hippie peaceniks from your quote? Are significant passages not quoted? Otherwise your commentary afterwards, particularly the one above doesn't follow from the quote.

The rest, hmmmm....we had information that we discounted...radar stuff and such on Pearl Harbor...the growth of Al-Qaeda through the 90's...Clinton's withdrawal from Somolia, his concentration on the economy (being President is more important than the welfare of the country), intelligence knowledge that cells totaling 1200 folks existed within the borders of the US, and that al-Qaeda had attacked and was going to attack.

Well, the neo-cons, right-wingers and other who justify the war in Iraq will love you. If 9-11 is not a repeat of Pearl Harbor then Vietnam is not a repeat of Iraq. (Actually the big difference is that in Iraq the US has acted as an imperialistic power while in Vietnam they tried to manipute and cajol a corrupt government and ruling class. "A Bright Shining Lie " by Neil Whittaker.

Actually, most of this post characterizes the histories of the times. It is just that, well, I have been indoctrinated in the critical thinking stuff of the modern university, and well, I have to work to overcome the indoctrination. Actually, most of the quotes reminds me oh Oprah at the Astrodome..."America owes you an apology." crap.

Keep on truckin' on!

btw...if you have the time, could you archive your blog?

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