Wednesday, December 28

Harboring Germs and Illusions

I have some sort of wasting disease where I'm awake for three-four hours then asleep for an equal period. So here's a little something from my Poor Wife's Reward/Diversion lesson plan file:

There are no circles.

The tabletops are the same size.

The horizontal lines are straight and run parallel to the top of the frame.

(My wife claims not to see these.)

The vertical lines are straight. It's the figures in front that are crooked.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Mr. Riley, I don't think you can confuse that NSA data mining program so easily.

But get well soon. We need you healthy and fit to help in the snark mines in the new year.

It can't be a coincidence that you and TBogg are sick at the same time. However, every time I'm laid low with a virus, I find that Lileks is whining about his own fight against a killer cold, so I suppose germs can be passed via the Internet.)

Anonymous said...

Not expecting that last one. Man, laughing that hard hurts.

Get well, Doghouse. And your wife, too, if she's still sick and hasn't merely passed it along.