Wednesday, December 21

Happy Birthday

Francis Vincent Zappa December 21, 1940--December 4, 1993

also: me


Anonymous said...

In your honor, here's one of my favorite image titles: "Nobody knew exactly what was the matter with him." Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I am a moron, and this is my wife, she is frosting a cake with a paper knife, all that we got here's american made, it's a little bit cheesy, but it's nicely displayed.

Goddamn we need Frank back with us now.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, doghouse.

and i hope you have many many more of them.

zencomix said...

Dick Cheney is The Central Scrutinizer...somebody call Studebaker Hawk!

Mustang Bobby said...

Mazel tov.

As for Maestro Zappa, most people don't know that he also wrote music in the classical style. Pretty good at it, too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Festive Natal Day, Mr. Riley. Here's hoping the weasels won't rip your flesh as you celebrate. ;)

Anonymous said...

An excellent person to share one's birthday with. I got Hendrix, but I think you're ahead of me.


Anonymous said...

Eddie, are you kidding
I've saw you on the teevee
Eddie, are you kidding
The people always ask me
I saw your double knits
I thought they were the pits
You threw it in a bag
And then you sent me home--
What !?!
Eddie, are you kidding?

Happy Birthday, Frank

Anonymous said...

... and Happy Birthday, Doghouse.

You get Zappa, I got Richard Milhouse,

P.E. Bird

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Doghouse. I trust your day was free of idiots and conservatives, assuming they're not the same thing.

Man. As official stalker I should really be more on the ball than this. Well, this is what you get for making me save the best for last, I don't get the news from here till after midnight.

Anonymous said...

Strange day. My birthday was yesterday and today I found out that it is also the birthday of a woman that I've known for about three years. My "kid" sister, who always harasses me about "being old(er)" asked me how old I was (nah nah how old are you)to which I responded by holding up all the fingers on my left hand and then just the middle finger on my right hand while saying "I'm fifty-ONE!"

Anonymous said...

Oops, Happy birthday, Mr. Riley.

Anonymous said...

Eddie died.

Tell me, Eddie, you're kidding right?