Thursday, December 15

Reader Q & A

Anonymous writes:
btw...if you have the time, could you archive your blog?

Hmmm. You mean, like, assigning categories to posts? I'd love to. You could do that quite easily at blogsome, when I was there for a week, but I don't think Blogger lets you do it.

Am I wrong? Does somebody out there know how to do it?

Ground rules: 1) Understand that when I was born, Alan Turing was still alive. 2) That I had graduated from college before the first do-it-yourself home computer kit was available. 3) That I managed to survive the DOS era without harming myself physically. 4) That I then acquired over the next decade enough knowledge of the Mac OS to be able to fix most anything that went wrong and write a reasonably decent Hypercard script. 5) That practically all that knowledge was thrown overboard by OS X.

Oh, and I'm positively redolent of laziness and I have better things to do, sometimes. Bearing all that in mind, if there's an answer I'll try it.

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