Friday, May 25

Fun With Monogamy

No. 1646: Me in the living room with Court Teevee on. The wife in the dining room, working.
Me: "Honey, have you ever thought about killing me?"
PW: "What, you mean today?"

No. 1647: I take a perverse delight in the way local news graphics describe the people they've stuck a microphone in the faces of. "Look! A Homeowner!" I'll say, or "Wow, isn't that Carl Brudden, Model Train Enthusiast?" This sort of thing is a regular feature around our place, which is another reason you're discouraged from visiting. Anyway, last night we were watching the news, and a Kroger commercial came on, and I wasn't paying attention. And my wife says, "This guy manages meat." And I looked up and said, "When I'm his age I hope I can, too."

Man, I just realized that if the teevee ever breaks we're in big trouble.


Anonymous said...

"What, you mean today?"

I find it makes meals more exciting.

Anonymous said...

Bless Mrs. Doghouse!

Anonymous said...

I suspect that you and the Lady Doghouse will find other things to be so witty about even after the teevee breaks. Just a guess, mind you.

aimai said...

Doghouse, just stumbled on your blog for the first time and thought I'd comment and say how much I enjoy *your* comments over at tbogg and elsewhere. I very much enjoyed the column on christopher hitchens and carter. I'll drop by again soon,

Anonymous said...