Friday, April 8

Friday Kevin Drum Comments Shuffle

    1) Raln: When did Washington Monthly become STFU A$$H0LES LOL!!!
    2) brb: Lefies: This is what it feels like to be right once. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.
    3) jojo: Its all George Bush's fault.
    4) conspiracy nut: You may be right, how about this: get your next candidate to condemn all Catholics. In fact, get them to condemn all Christians. Hell, get them to condemn all religion (except Marxism, you probably want to keep that).
    5) PMain: Fllow up:
    No conspiracy, fact. It's like whterh or not Terri Schiavo said what she did about being kept alive. No one will ever really know what was there & that is horrible.
    6) SavageView: Poor grammar aside, isn't Frank J. ever going to post something that will refute my prior that he's little more than a right-wing troll?
    7) Al (The Real One Back From Vacation): Power Line has already refuted the view that he only destroyed copies.
    8) Horrabin's Mistakes: MUCKADOO!!
    Sandy Burglar is a felon and a traitor. But that's different from Nixon's people, hmm?
    9) mudwall jackson: i liked the old al better.
    10) someone: Frist!

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julia said...

uh, yeah.

It's important to note the kind of mainstream americans who flock to all that reason and moderation.