Friday, April 8


The Blog of the Year Explains It All:

HINDROCKET adds: A reader asks a good question: Where has Tom Harkin been for the last two and a half weeks? If he had come forward on March 19 or 20, there never would have been a "talking points memo" story, or at least not much of a story. The truth--that an obscure Republican staffer wrote a dumb memo that hardly anyone saw--would scarcely have created a ripple.

Never mind that you're the guy who turned the dumb memo into a ripple as big as The Ritz. Never mind that Senator Harkin may have better things to do than answer every self-important idiot with a blog and an endless supply of crackpot theories, or that he'd have needed to schedule time for The Washington Times, CNN's Inside Politics, The American Spectator, Rush Limbaugh, CNBC's Kudlow and Company, Michelle Malkin, Tucker Carlson, Special Report with Brit Hume, The Weekly Standard, The Daily Standard, AIM, Fred Barnes, Joshua Claybourne, NewsMax, and maybe dropped a line to Bill Bennett while he was at it just to answer questions from everyone who was publicly convinced the memo was a dirty Democrat trick. And never mind that a group so convinced on the basis of nothing whatsover wasn't gonna listen to him anyway.

Where was Mel Martinez for the past three weeks? And who were Clayborne's four inside tipsters?

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