Friday, April 1

Let Me Rephrase That For You

Media Matters takes Brit Hume to task for "minimizing Bush's actions" in the Schiavo case:

Fox News Washington managing editor Brit Hume downplayed President Bush's actions in the Terri Schiavo case by saying that "his [Bush's] intervention consisted mostly of a signature and some statements from the White House." Hume significantly understated the leading role the president and his staff played in the case.

Let's not be hasty. Try the picture without the frame. The Bush administration was dragged reluctantly into grandstanding the Schiavo case, let others do the heavy lifting, and faded into the woodwork as quickly as it could. On a single issue it proved that it must dance when the religious radicals pull the strings but will not offer leadership, even in a matter of the Right to Life, without reading every political signpost and covering its ass. And having been splattered with muck it will seek to disavow its own actions through a convenient media mouthpiece.

There. Same basic facts with the lights on. I think we all can agree about Bush now.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but Bush interrupted his VACATION to sign that paper, which apparently makes it more significant than 9/11. So, while we can agree with the situation as you framed it, I think we still need to remember that Terri is probably the most important American who ever lived, and that after signing that paper, the President did nothing more to save her. I bet Jesus is really annoyed with him right now.