Friday, April 22

Friday Vinyl Shuffle

Last week's inaugural shuffle was so popular I decided to do the stairs again this week, even though the Grand Unified Media Selector and I Ching Generator is now fully operational--in time, I hope, to prevent my having to reveal I own Moon Martin's Escape from Domination. It has also occurred to me, too late, that I could have saved the programming and just bought thirty-eight K-Tel™ Record Selectors. Oh well:

Game Theory: I've Tried Subtlety
Wire: The 15th
Pere Ubu: Radiation Waves
Family: Between Blue and Me
Ian Dury: Inbetweenies
Gruppo Sportivo: P.S. 78
Los Lobos: Evangeline
Iggy Pop: Mr. Dynamite
Graham Parker and the Rumour: Help Me Shake It
Was (Not Was): Boy's Gone Crazy


Anonymous said...

Why, oh why, are you ashamed of John "Moon" Martin? I too have Escape From Domination and the even better Shots From a Cold Nightmare, featuring not only the original, more creepy, version of "Bad Case of Lovin' You" but also the classic "Cadillac Walk" with the immortal couplet

"No matter what the cost
Ooh -- them dual exhaust"

Don't really want to dwell too long on the literal meaning of that.

Anyway, I've got a vinyl shuffle in your honor going up on my blog later today. Thanks for the inspiration.

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Dooood, I am so caught out. I just wrote that as a laugh line. While I was counting out selections Escape tipped backwards and started to fall off the shelf, so it was just on my mind. And there's that suit he's wearing on the cover. For penance I'll be bringing it upstairs and listening to it this weekend. As I recall, I didn't care for it much overall, but I like "Rolene" (I'm a sucker for songs that spell something out or have party noises in the background) and "(My Baby's) Gun Shy".

And, I didn't realize he wrote "Cadillac Walk", which I know from the Mink Deville version. So next week is officially John "Moon" Martin week around here.