Wednesday, April 20

That's Funny

Okay, time to open the envelope and reveal my Final Four predictions. And remember, I don't get paid unless I can find where my paycheck is hidden.

Life of Brian vs. Dr. Strangelove

Duck Soup vs. Raising Arizona

Is that scoffing I hear? I'll clear the room. Remember, before the competition began I said that Brackets 3 & 4 belonged to the Brothers. Strangelove is a gimme. And Python beats Brooks on the reputation of their respective bodies of work, after both cleaned up on the three better films in the category, which were all in black and white and probably half unseen.

So, two films from the certified Comedy Pantheon vs. the two best moderns on the list, and justice is served at the top. Which is cold comfort to the character-and-dialogue driven works that crashed early, but then one commenter on the bracket-setting round likened The Ladykillers to Jacques Tati and Jerry Lewis, so what did you expect?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, but where's the fart jokes you promised us? You Promised!