Friday, May 27

Friday Shuffle, Fictitious County Songs Edition

Foster & Grant, Let's Go Someplace That Ain't So Well Lit
Coy Stumpp, (She's A) Saddletramp
Mason Dixon, How Can I Tell You If I Don't Remember Myself?
Holly Scuggins and Union Dues, (He's Got That) Kyle Petty Hair
Merle McCall, What Goes Around (Is Another Round)
Lacy Lovelace and Conroy Twitt, T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R
Wynnona Patty, Whose Boots Are These?
Broward County, Call Me Again (When I'm Not Home)
Travis Trickle, You're Not Doin' What You Didn't Used To Do All Over Again
Ricky Lee Rupp, My Wife Is Lyin' in That Graveyard, and Sometimes I Wish She Was Dead


Anonymous said...

you forgot "dropkick me, jesus, through the goalposts of life."

Anonymous said...

"End over end, neither to left nor to right..."
Well, it *is* the fictitious country songs edition. Otherwise, there's the always popular "If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body, Would You Hold It Against Me".

Anonymous said...

Are these copyrighted? Because I think I may want to write a song called "How Can I Tell You If I Don't Remember Myself?" I'll give you 25% of the royalties if Tim McGraw makes it a big hit.

Anonymous said...

Of course the non-fiction songs are about as good, like "It Ain't Home until You Take the Wheels Off" and "You're the Reason Our Kids Ae Ugly"

Norbizness said...

Political country songs:

Burton Ternswallow: "These Colors Don't Run (Thanks To New Color-Fast Tide Detergent)"

Leigh Gruenewald: "Send All My Love To Lily ('Cause Rumsfeld Just Fucked Me Over With A Stop-Loss Order (A Soldier's Story (Guinness Record for Use of Parentheses In Song Title)))"

The Harley Chaniels Experience: "You Can Mix You Some Paint (But Don't You Mix You No Races)"

Anonymous said...

Jump In The Hefty Bag
(Cause I'm Takin Out The Trash)

Anonymous said...

I knew there was something I liked about you, Yosef.
While we're showing off how terminally unhip we are, I suppose I can admit that I've always liked Bobby Bare. "One More Horse's Ass", "Praise The Lord And Send Me The Money", and the perennial favorite, "I've Never Gone To Bed With An Ugly Woman (But I Sure Woke Up With A Few)".
Just to add to my unhipness, I think Pikachu is adorable.