Wednesday, May 11

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Runaway bride enters treatment program

By Charles Odum

May 10, 2005  |  Atlanta -- Runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks has checked herself into an inpatient medical treatment program to deal with “physical and mental issues” that drove her to skip town just days before her wedding, a spokesman for her family's church said Tuesday.

Which puts the over/under on her appearance with Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer at four weeks.

Book deal: signed before she is "released". My guess, she'll be staring at you when you walk in Barnes & Noble sometime in July.

Last tattered remnants of celebrity and dignity swapped for slot on reality program: November sweeps. Maybe February. I'm can't be as accurate as the weatherman, y'know.

Go ahead, prove me wrong, Jen. Please.

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Anonymous said...

I'm torn. I've heard far too much about this woman already. But then, I can't see that she's got any dignity left, so she might as well go for enough cash to pay the legal bills before she sinks back into obscurity.
I'd then advise her to change her name, get plastic surgery, and move to Borneo to protect endangered lizards. And run like hell if "The Real World" or "Survivor" turns up in the area.
But then, I've got minor surgery scheduled for June, so I should be pleasantly drugged during her TV appearances, and am not likely to set foot in Borders before her luridly-covered tell-more-than-all disappears into the clearance bins.
So it's probably an easier decision for me.