Monday, May 23

Go Thou And Read

Our friend Daily Pepper's excellent work on the Times' series on class.

The Sunday comes over our back fence when my neighbor gets finished with it. I was far too busy with mulch, repotting, and trying to kill myself with paving stones to read much until this evening, when I finally got the chance to satisfy my curiosity as to why two young Ivy Leaguers were bowed in lambent prayer on the front page. [Note: before you think I don't know what "lambent" means, the photo in the online version is considerably better lit.] Did it have anything to do with the murder two Afghan detainees, or the oddly botched Army investigation, just to their left? Maybe they were praying the photographer would choose the right shutter speed. Or some smartass with a blog wouldn't bring up Matthew 6: 1-6.

It was particularly interesting to meet Tim Havens, the supplicant on the left, who presently ministers to this "vanguard of a larger social shift" at Brown, but will be leaving soon for med school:

He is looking forward to having the money a medical degree can bring, and especially to putting his children through college without the scholarships and part-time jobs he needed. But whether he becomes rich, he said, "will depend on how much I keep."

Unlike most of his heathen schoolmates, Mr. Havens comes from modest circumstances. He attended Brown with scholarship money and loans. Not one word about returning to help people like his neighbors. Not even a word about healing the sick. What apparently excites him is the coming windfall and the opportunity to pray with patients. God speed, Mr. Havens. Here's hoping you and your cohorts successfully reclaim the Ivy League for Christianity. Right before the poor reclaim Christianity from you.


julia said...

ok, who guesses that scholarship boy is talking about the iniquity of taxes for the upper middle class and not his plans to walk the walk and use his money to help the poor halt and lame?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! There's more on the way. I'm planning a GAME based on the NYT series. Fun! Fun! Fun!

I read the NYT online - I didn't know it was on the front page. That story was considered front-page news? Grrr ...

Wow, I'm aghast at Mr. Havens. And I was double aghast at this line regarding wealthy evangelical Christians:
"Their buying power fuels the booming market for Christian books, music and films."

Shouldn't their buying power go into ... helping others or something? Is it just me? Am I nuts? What about do-gooder missions?

I always add the caveat that I've got Christian friends, and they do good things and don't thump on any books and don't act all smug about it like this kid. But this article about rich Christians acting like they've been "chosen" or something makes me nuts. I'm going to thump on something now ...

Anonymous said...

Norbizness, what a lovely idea. I'll start a subscription service for Diet and Cherry Vanilla. Maybe even Chipotle!

Douglas said...

I've been corresponding with Tim Havens and Geoff Freeman by email. Tim has read the first installment of my comments, but not the later ones. I'm sure he will find your comments to be most illuminating.