Monday, May 9

Ya Gotta Love The Playoffs

Alex Pareene's on fire!

The Poor Man owns the paint!

James Wolcott from downtown!

Driftglass: money!


Anonymous said...

So why are you planning to fake your own death? I hope it's not because I asked if I could stalk you. I wasn't serious, I promise.
If it has something to do with a road trip with Elvis and Bigfoot, though, then carry on. Perhaps you could blog from location under an assumed name.

James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Au contraire, I've been telling anyone I meet, "I have a blog. And a stalker." The instant admiration is almost too much to bear.

I fake my own death every decade or so. It's just a maintenance thing, like adjusting your portfolio.

Anonymous said...

Carry on, then. The Bigfoot/Elvis/Doghouse tour would have been cool, though.