Friday, May 13

Friday Shuffle, Steveland Morris Birthday Edition

Theme shuffle discovered by Kathy in the same week I thought of it but didn't use it, making her the Charles Darwin to my Alfred Russel Wallace. Or that's my story.

Ray Charles, I'll Drown in My Own Tears
Blind Lemon Jefferson, Black Snake Moan
Blind Willie McTell, Talkin' To You, Mama
Ben Harper and the Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Take My Hand
Stevie Wonder, Ordinary Pain
Reverend Gary Davis, Lord, I Feel Just Like Going On
Doc Watson, Black Mountain Rag
Blind Willie Johnson, Nobody's Fault But Mine
Blind Blake, Poker Woman Blues
Sonny Terry & Blind Boy Fuller (twofer), I Want Some of Your Pie


Anonymous said...

I'm at it again, but yours is much cooler.


James Briggs Stratton "Doghouse" Riley said...

Your list was very cool, Kathy, and you explained the methodology, the abscence of which I realized made me look like I just looked up ten songs by blind guys. I imposed a one song per artist limit so it wouldn't wind up being all Stevie. For Doc Watson (lost LP somewhere along the line) and Blind Willie Johnson I have only the songs listed, from compilations. The Sonny Terry cut eliminated Blind Boy Fuller as a solo artist. And I own only some downloads of Ray's stuff, because his catalogue is a mess (like Nat Cole's and the Everley Brothers'). When somebody decides to clear up all the rights and issue the 15-CD box set, I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Raul Midon is well worth checking out. Stevie meets Donny meets Jose Feliciano.

And, he's blind