Saturday, September 3


I did want to mention Condimelda's press conference, at least in passing, but it became a separate topic with Chris Clarke's brilliant new moniker for the Scary Spice* of international diplomacy. Condimelda turns up on Friday, just like Bush's other wife, only any decent person would have been ashamed to show her face, let alone commandeer fifteen minutes of air time in a sorry charade that did not even achieve the level of pretending she was doing anything. Condimelda should have simply announced that her resignation would be on the President's desk when he returned and fled the stage never to return. That fifteen minutes could have been used to help missing persons find each other, or to locate some more people in dire straits for the Secretary of Homeland Security [sic] to rush supplies to as we speak.

* For once, I apologize for any offense to any Spice Girl living or dead or in between.


handdrummer said...

Hell, the tv time could have been used to flog limburger cheese to the masses. At least that would have been useful...

Did Condimelda wear her new swell Ferrigamo's? (Now watch out for the mud, hun!) Or break into the Spam Song to entertain the detainees, err refugees?

Did W let Laura go shopping as well or is she still in the closet of the family room, trying out her new valium dosage??

eRobin said...

"Condimelda" is brilliant. She'll be "the fabulous Condimelda" at my joint. A dKos diarist came up with my favorite name for the FEMA director: "Horse lawyer, Michael Brown."

Scaramouche said...

What's up with these European-like vacations and shopping trips? They deride the French but act like them when August rolls around. Tres, tres gauche. Condimelda, I love it.

Came over at the direction of mrgubyu. Love the rants and have blog rolled you.