Monday, September 5

Where's the Outrage?

Just over eighteen months ago this country experienced a major case of gastric distress (later determined to be psychosomatic) over the exposure of Janet Jackson's breast jewelry. But after an unconscionable delay the Bush administration has been exposing its assholes repeatedly for the last 72 hours and nobody says nothin'.


Anonymous said...

Stockholm Syndrome.
Bush Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Depressive fugue.
Societal dissociation.

Think about it. Is there any other nation on the planet whose self-image is so demonstrably at odds with its actual behavior? We *know* we're nice people. Americans don't do things like torture and unprovoked wars and abandoning thousands of people because it's too damned much trouble to save them unless we can get a decent photo op out of it.
America doesn't do that kind of thing. And yet there's proof it does. We do.
It's a recipe for dissociation.

(I know, but I'm using it as a metaphor here, since obviously a whole country cannot actually have a collective mental disorder, however much it would explain things.)

Pepper said...

You would think there would be much screaming, but I think that more people are thinking "oh, that's finally over."

However, that guy who screamed "Just shut up and send us somebody!" on the Sunday shows is getting a lot of play. There are some cracks showing ... it's just a shame that it took so many people dying to have it happen.