Thursday, September 15

Okay, I'm Retiring Use of That "Shocked" Quote from Casablanca for the Duration

1) Party line Senate vote KO's Clinton's call for an independent commission.

I'm surprised. Really, surprised.

2) Knight-Ridder reporters discover it was Chertoff, not Brown, who was actually asleep at the (main) switch.

Oh? That's unexpected.

3) Dick Cheney, asked by a reporter why he didn't return from his vacation until last Thursday, said, "I came back four days early."

Hmm. That seems so unlike him.

4) USAToday: Bush called Barbour "three or four times" in the wake of Katrina, but did not return Blanco's calls and didn't speak to her until she got on the phone and demanded he do so.

Well knock me down with a feather.


Anonymous said...

That's fine for you, but I think I may just say "Oh, Rick" to every blib I here today. (Yes, I said blib)

Anonymous said...

I'll stick with profanity, thank you. It seems to be working for me lately.

julia said...

hell, Claude's really mine anyway.