Wednesday, September 7

Public Service Announcement

"Hello, you're being spoken to by First Mother and former First Lady Barbara Bush, on behalf of Federal disaster emergency relief. Everyone I meet tells me things are going swimmingly. I hope what I've always heard about some minorities not being able to swim are unfounded, although you never see them in the Olympics, do you? Except running, I mean. Well, good luck, mind your betters, and shut that damn thing off and bring me another Scotch mist. And not so much ice this time."


Anonymous said...


That woman gives hags a bad name.
Still, I suppose it's gotta be affirming for Jonah Goldberg:
"See? Ultra-repressed WASP Barbara Bush agrees with me!"

I swear, if "political correctness" had ever been anything more than half serious, people would *still* be ashamed to say that sort of thing in public.

Jaye Ramsey Sutter said...

"It is kinda scary, but they want to move to Texas." And this relocation is "going well for them" because they are poor. Like Kenny's family they are soooo poor and according to Wolfe Blitzer, soooo black.

Please, bring me a Scotch no ice, no water.